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Appellate and Constitutional Litigation


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Arthur H. Aufses III   Partner   212.715.9234   New York   Vcard  
Michael J. Dell   Partner   212.715.9129   New York   Vcard  
Alan R. Friedman   Partner   212.715.9300   New York   Vcard  
Ronald S. Greenberg   Partner   212.715.9399   New York   Vcard  
Gary P. Naftalis   Partner   212.715.9253   New York   Vcard  
Jeffrey S. Trachtman   Partner   212.715.9175   New York   Vcard  
Harold P. Weinberger   Partner   212.715.9132   New York   Vcard  
Robin Wilcox   Partner   212.715.3224   New York   Vcard  

General Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Charlotte Moses Fischman   General Counsel   212.715.9125   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Michael S. Oberman   Counsel   212.715.9294   New York   Vcard