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Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Richard E. Farley   Partner   212.715.9106   New York   Vcard  
Ronald M. Feiman   Partner   212.715.9550   New York   Vcard  
Reid Feldman   Partner   + (33) 1 44 09 46 03   Paris   Vcard  
David J. Fisher   Partner   212.715.9284   New York   Vcard  
Marie-Christine Fournier-Gille   Partner   + 33 (0)1 44 09 46 07   Paris   Vcard  
Aaron Frankel   Partner   212.715.7793   New York   Vcard  
David S. Frankel   Partner   212.715.9221   New York   Vcard  
Alan R. Friedman   Partner   212.715.9300   New York   Vcard  

General Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Charlotte Moses Fischman   General Counsel   212.715.9125   New York   Vcard  

Special Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Toni L. Finger   Special Counsel   212.715.9239   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Augustin Fargier   Associate   + (33) 1 44 09 46 00   Paris   Vcard  
Mary Flaherty   Associate   212.715.9213   New York   Vcard  
Samantha M. Ford   Associate   212.715.9305   New York   Vcard  
Andrew M. Friedman   Associate   212.715.9147   New York   Vcard  
Leah S. Friedman   Associate   212.715.9533   New York   Vcard  

Planning and Development Specialist

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Robert E. Flahive P.E.   Planning and Development Specialist   212.715.7836   New York   Vcard  

Assistant Managing Attorney

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Michael Feuer   Assistant Managing Attorney   212.715.9342   New York   Vcard