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Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Douglas Mannal   Partner   212.715.9313   New York   Vcard  
Alexander Marquardt   Partner   + (33) 1 44 09 46 10   Paris   Vcard  
Jean-Pierre Mattout   Partner   + (33) 1 44 09 46 20   Paris   Vcard  
Thomas Moers Mayer   Partner   212.715.9169   New York   Vcard  
J. Michael Mayerfeld   Partner   212.715.9346   New York   Vcard  
Thomas E. Molner   Partner   212.715.9429   New York   Vcard  
James J. Moriarty   Partner   212.715.9453   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Philippe Mauduit   Counsel   + (33) 1 44 09 46 74   Paris   Vcard  
Kevin M. Moss   Counsel   212.715.9224   New York   Vcard  

Special Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Izabel P. McDonald   Special Counsel   212.715.9160   New York   Vcard  
Seth R. Merl   Special Counsel   212.715.9188   New York   Vcard  
Richard L. Moss   Special Counsel   212.715.9102   New York   Vcard  
Randal D. Murdock   Special Counsel   212.715.9325   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Austin Manes   Associate   650.752.1718   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Cristina Martinez   Associate   212.715.9331   New York   Vcard  
John M. McNulty   Associate   212.715.9450   New York   Vcard  
Daniel Michaelson   Associate   212.715.9225   New York   Vcard  
Laura S. Milano   Associate   212.715.9349   New York   Vcard  
Melissa B. Milich   Associate   212.715.9341   New York   Vcard  
Jason M. Moff   Associate   212.715.9113   New York   Vcard  

Planning and Development Specialist

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Jeff Mulligan   Planning and Development Specialist   212.715.9105   New York   Vcard  

Law Clerk

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Harry P. Morgenthau   Law Clerk   212.715.9461   New York   Vcard