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Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Gary P. Naftalis   Partner   212.715.9253   New York   Vcard  
Jay A. Neveloff   Partner   212.715.9290   New York   Vcard  
John C. Novogrod   Partner   212.715.9327   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Gabrielle Marin Nagler   Associate   212.715.9282   New York   Vcard  
Phuong (Stephanie) Nguyen   Associate   650.752.1733   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Steve Ni   Associate   212-715-9334   New York   Vcard  
Alexander J. Nicas   Associate   212.715.9283   New York   Vcard  
Pierre Nicolet   Associate   + (33) 1 44 09 46 32   Paris   Vcard  
Seth R. Niedermayer   Associate   212.715.9179   New York   Vcard  
Jason P. Norinsky   Associate   212.715.9330   New York   Vcard  
Maxim M.L. Nowak   Associate   212.715.9217   New York   Vcard