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Capital Markets/Finance

Date Title Type
March 14, 2014 FundsTalk: March 2014 Newsletter 
October 14, 2013 FundsTalk: October 2013 Newsletter 
September 17, 2013 FundsTalk: September 2013 Newsletter 
July 3, 2013 Securities Litigation Alert: Second Circuit Addresses American Pipe Tolling and "Relation Back" in Federal Securities Class Actions Client Alert/Update 
June 27, 2013 Litigation and Corporate Governance Alert: Delaware Chancery Court Upholds Validity of “Forum Selection Bylaws” Client Alert/Update 
April 2013 FundsTalk: April 2013 Newsletter 
December 6, 2012 FundsTalk: December 2012 Newsletter 
May 4, 2012 FundsTalk: May 2012 Newsletter 
April 13, 2012 Law360: Key Takeaways From Southern Peru Article 
April 12, 2012 FundsTalk: April 2012 Newsletter 
January 18, 2012 FundsTalk: January 2012 Newsletter 
November 7, 2011 Gilden Comments to Bloomberg Businessweek on Israeli Shift Away from Nasdaq Quotes/Mentions 
September 2011 Capital Markets Treaty Article 
December 2010 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel: Helping Chinese Companies Access U.S. Capital Markets Article 
October 6, 2009 Auguste Quoted in The PIPEs Report Quotes/Mentions 
September 1, 2009 Kramer Levin Underwrites and Co-Publishes PIPE Report Article 
May 4, 2009 The Leap-Frog Dilemma Article 
March 3, 2009 Corporate Alert: SEC Proposes Roadmap for Considering Use of IFRS for U.S. Issuers Client Alert/Update 
February 9, 2009 Gilden Quoted in National Law Journal Article on Impact of Economic Crisis on M&A and IPO Markets Quotes/Mentions 
March 31, 2008 Stealth Swaps, Stale Pills and Mystery Non-Voting Shareholders: Examining a 'Loophole' On Ownership and Disclosure Article 
February 2008 SPACs and PIPEs: A User's Guide Article 
January 24, 2007 Placement Tracker Releases 2006 PIPE Market League Tables: Kramer Levin Ranks In Top 5 Law Firms for Investor Counsel Quotes/Mentions 
April 7, 2006 Corporate & Investments Update: "SEC and Three Hedge Funds Settle Action For Engaging in Illegal 'PIPE' Trading Scheme" Client Alert/Update 
December 1, 2005 Securities Offering Reform: Some Practical Suggestions for Issuers with a Currently Effective Shelf Registration Statement and for all Exchange Act Registrants Client Alert/Update 
November 9, 2005 What Every Hedge Fund Should Know in Structuring Its ISDA Derivatives Facilities Article 
February 2004 Corporate Department Update: Recent Modifications to the Rule 10b-18 Safe Harbor for Issuer Repurchases of Common Stock and New Disclosure Requirements for Issuer Stock Repurchases Client Alert/Update 
February 23, 2003 A Missing Piece of the Dividend Puzzle - Analysts Believe Investors May be Flocking to Wrong Stocks, Says Suzanne McGee Quotes/Mentions 
March 1999 Bonds and Issues Article