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Corporate Governance/Board Committee Representations

Our Corporate Governance group provides a broad range of services focused on corporate governance and related matters. This practice has been critical to our clients over the years, and is especially relevant in light of Sarbanes-Oxley and related reforms. Our corporate governance and related services are provided within the context of a diversified corporate group. Corporate governance services include counseling in the following areas:

  • composition of boards of directors and committees;
  • development of board and committee charters and governance standards;
  • management of audit committees’ relationships with independent auditors;
  • director and officer fiduciary duties regarding ongoing corporate governance and transactional matters, including change of control and interested party transactions;
  • compliance with disclosure and related requirements under securities laws and related regulations;
  • New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market and American Stock Exchange regulatory compliance;
  • development of corporate governance compliance programs and codes of ethics;
  • special committee investigations of corporate wrongdoing; and
  • responses to regulatory inquiries and investigations.

As a result of our broad client base, we are able to tailor our corporate governance services to the size and cost structure of individual companies. Additionally, a number of our corporate partners have long-term service as directors and audit committee members of public companies, running the gamut from smaller NASDAQ-listed enterprises to S+P 500 companies. This enhances our ability to bring critical "real world" experience to bear when fashioning and assisting in the implementation of corporate governance and compliance programs.