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Electronic Discovery

As litigation matters of all types continue to be profoundly affected by the onerous costs and intractable demands of electronic discovery, we have developed a highly effective in-house resource to help clients respond. Our Electronic Discovery group is comprised of attorneys thoroughly versed in the legal complexities and ambiguities of this rapidly changing field, supported by a team of litigation technology professionals charged with evaluating and deploying a constantly evolving set of technological tools. Our dedicated E-Discovery Counsel provides legal counselling to attorneys and clients on effective strategies and advocacy, with a view to emerging developments.

We have participated in some of the seminal cases in the area. Our team is unusually adept at fulfilling our clients’ electronic discovery obligations while remaining sensitive to the costs and frustrations that can attend the process. As the risk of sanctions must be balanced against the expense of production, our unique combination of legal knowledge and technical resources is appreciated by our clients.

Early case assessment is often the key to controlling costs, and our team works with our clients from the first sign of litigation to determine the optimal strategy for dealing with electronic discovery requirements. We take a project management approach to each case, identifying the most cost-effective solution to every stage in the process. Our project managers choose from an array of available technologies to find the right tools and vendors for the data types in question, allowing them to accomplish each task most efficiently.

Our legal and technical acumen extends to every aspect of electronic discovery, including: 

  • Early Case Assessment 
  • Advocacy and Litigation 
  • Legal Advising 
  • In-House Training 
  • Document Preservation and Litigation Hold 
  • Collection and Processing 
  • Document Review and Production 
  • Predictive Coding and Technology-Assisted Review
  • Document Retention 
  • Litigation Technology and Support

We regularly issue Electronic Discovery Update newsletters as well as Electronic Discovery Alerts on breaking developments in the area.