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Employment Law

In what has become one of the fastest growing areas of the law, our Employment Law Department thrives by taking a highly pragmatic approach to the increasingly complex issues facing today’s employers. Ever-mindful of the onerous costs of employment litigation—costs that go beyond the financial ramifications to encompass a range of emotional, reputational, and public relations issues as well—our attorneys go to great lengths to help our clients avoid them.

To that end, we help design and implement effective employee relations policies and practices that minimize the risk of litigation while accommodating the real business needs of our clients. We counsel clients as to how to avoid litigation or position themselves for a successful conclusion if a dispute arises. When a dispute becomes inevitable, we have the resources and experience to see it through to its most expedient, cost-effective resolution, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Our experience in trying many cases to a successful conclusion gives us an advantage in assisting clients in the discovery stages of litigation and advising clients about forcing adversaries to consider possible resolutions both before and during litigation.

Our practice is rooted in a thorough understanding, not just of employment law, but also of the business issues facing our clients. While other firms may tend toward a formalistic analysis of legal issues, our lawyers seek—and our clients appreciate—a more practical application of the law to business problems. This has led to a remarkable number of deep, long-term relationships in which our clients regard us as trusted partners who consistently add substantial value to their businesses. Even in litigation, we look beyond the possible outcomes to the potential implications of those outcomes—to employees, to management, to the company’s reputation, and to the business as a whole.

We staff our matters with an unusual efficiency, favoring small teams with extensive partner involvement. Taking this approach, which is effective both strategically and in controlling costs, we regularly face the full range of employment matters that arise, including: 

  • Discrimination and harassment litigation 
  • Compensation disputes and claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act 
  • Contract Negotiations and litigations 
  • Whistle-blowing and retaliation claims 
  • Restrictive covenants and protection of confidential information

Since many of our clients do business in multiple jurisdictions, and given that employment laws vary widely from state to state and country to country, we regularly draw on our membership in the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), a 50-state, 110-nation affiliation of the most highly-regarded employment firms in their respective markets. Through this exceptionally effective alliance, we can assure our clients of the highest level of service in every jurisdiction.

  • Employment Law Alliance ("ELA"): Our firm is the exclusive representative from New York City, Long Island, and Westchester and Rockland Counties for the ELA. The ELA has members in all 50 states and many countries. ELA members are generally regarded as the top employment lawyers in each jurisdiction.
  • Employment Law Update: Legal Developments and Practical Advice is regularly published by our Employment Law Department.  Recent editions of this newsletter  are posted on this website.  To subscribe, click on publications sign up.
  • The International Law Office: Our regular updates regarding employment issues are featured on The International Law Office, which delivers global analysis to lawyers worldwide via email subscription. We have been selected as the sole U.S. contributor to the International Law Office regarding employment and labor issues.

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