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Executive Compensation

In recent years, the high visibility and public scrutiny surrounding issues of executive compensation has brought with it a demand for legal counsel thoroughly versed in the complexities and sensitivities of this increasingly important specialty. Our Executive Compensation group has long worked on both sides of the negotiating table, representing executives, the companies who hire them, and, increasingly, the compensation committees charged with working out the often daunting details of executive compensation. This dual perspective gives our attorneys unusual insight into prevailing market conditions, as well as a unique ability to see issues from the other side’s point of view.

We regularly advise both senior executives and corporate employers regarding every item on the compensation tally sheet, including salary, short- and long-term bonus plans, deferred compensation, stock options, equity grants, and incentive arrangements. We negotiate on behalf of either side regarding golden parachutes, payment triggers, severance packages, and post-employment covenants (non-compete, non-disparagement, non-solicitation of employees or clients, etc.). In addition, we support the firm’s Bankruptcy group in negotiating new employment contracts for companies emerging from bankruptcy.

Beyond the legal particulars, however, it is the intangibles that set our group apart. At a time when corporate boards and shareholder committees have grown increasingly assertive in vetting and approving compensation agreements, clients turn to us for our unusual sensitivity, not just to the legal and financial aspects of those agreements, but also to the reputational and public relations concerns that so often accompany them. In an atmosphere of heightened scrutiny, with litigation a constant threat, we are known for our ability to deal with conflicting expectations and steer negotiations to an outcome satisfactory to all parties.