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Financial Institutions


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Dana M. Anagnostou   Partner   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  
Fabien Carruzzo   Partner   212.715.9203   New York   Vcard  
Amy Caton   Partner   212.715.7772   New York   Vcard  
Kenneth Chin   Partner   212.715.9459   New York   Vcard  
Hubert de Vauplane   Partner   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  
Michael J. Dell   Partner   212.715.9129   New York   Vcard  
Kenneth H. Eckstein   Partner   212.715.9229   New York   Vcard  
Ronald M. Feiman   Partner   212.715.9550   New York   Vcard  
Carl Frischling   Partner   212.715.7520   New York   Vcard  
Barry Herzog   Partner   212.715.9130   New York   Vcard  
Thomas T. Janover   Partner   212.715.9186   New York   Vcard  
Alexander Marquardt   Partner   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  
Jean-Pierre Mattout   Partner   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  
Thomas Moers Mayer   Partner   212.715.9169   New York   Vcard  
Thomas E. Molner   Partner   212.715.9429   New York   Vcard  
Daniel A. Rabinowitz   Partner   212.715.9378   New York   Vcard  
Howard T. Spilko   Partner   212.715.9267   New York   Vcard  
Ernest S. Wechsler   Partner   212.715.9211   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Wadie K. Sanbar   Counsel   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  
Pierre Storrer   Counsel   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  

Special Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Daniel M. Eggermann   Special Counsel   212.715.9495   New York   Vcard  
Mark F. Parise   Special Counsel   212.715.9276   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Rémi Jouaneton   Associate   + (33)   Paris   Vcard  

Financial Institutions Alert: The New ISDA 2014 Credit Derivatives Definitions: Overview and Implementation

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