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Financial Services

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February 17, 2015 Financial Services Alert: SEC Sanctions Liquid Alt Fund Adviser for Causing Funds' Custody Rule Violations Client Alert/Update 
November 1, 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, L’encaissement de fonds pour le compte de tiers vaut-il fourniture de services de paiement? Article 
October 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Actualités juill./août-début Sept. 2014: rapports annuels de l’ACPR, de Tracfin et de l’ Observatoire de la sécurité des cartes de paiement, bitcoin, droit des comptes de paiement Article 
September 30, 2014 The Investment Lawyer: SEC Spotlight on Alternative Mutual Funds Article 
September 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Les monnaies virtuelles dans tous leurs états Article 
July 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Le droit nouveau du crowdfunding par prêts et par dons Article 
June 2, 2014 Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Alert: DOJ Cybercrime Crackdown Client Alert/Update 
June 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Actualités avril-début mai 2014: crowdfunding, monnaie virtuelles et bitcoin, droit au compte et services bancaires de base Article 
May 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Actualités mars-début avril 2014: loi Hamon relative à la consommation, protection de la clientèle, crowdfunding, paquet paiement (DSP 2 et règlement CMI), données de paiement Article 
April 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Actualités février-début mars 2014: titres-restaurant dématérialisés, établissements financiers habilités à exercer en France, bitcoin, crowdfunding, comptes bancaires inactifs, norme PCI DSS, paquet paiement (DSP 2 et règlement CMI) Article 
April 2014 Recueil Dalloz: Crowdfunding, Bitcoin: Quelle Régulation? Article 
April 2014 Droit & Patrimoine: Le SEPA ou le défi de l’Europe des paiements Article 
March 14, 2014 FundsTalk: March 2014 Newsletter 
March 13, 2014 The Hedge Fund Law Report: Risks Faced by Hedge Fund Managers That Access the Alternative Mutual Fund Market Via Turnkey Platforms Article 
March 2014 Revue Banque: Chronique Droit des moyens et services de paiement, Actualités janvier-début février 2014: SEPA, moyens de paiement scripturaux, bitcoin, protection des données sensibles de paiement sur internet Article 
November 20, 2013 Silfen Comments to COOConnect on Risks Associated with Hedge Fund Managers’ use of Traditional Turnkey Platforms Media Mentions 
October 14, 2013 FundsTalk: October 2013 Newsletter 
September 17, 2013 FundsTalk: September 2013 Newsletter 
August 19, 2013 Financial Institutions Alert: CFTC Issues Harmonization Scheme, Permits "Substitute Compliance" Client Alert/Update 
July 3, 2013 Securities Litigation Alert: Second Circuit Addresses American Pipe Tolling and "Relation Back" in Federal Securities Class Actions Client Alert/Update 
April 18, 2013 Silfen Interviewed in The Hedge Fund Law Report on Operating and Distributing Alternative Mutual Funds Media Mentions 
April 2013 FundsTalk: April 2013 Newsletter 
March 2013 Silfen Quoted in International Financial Law Review Piece on Arden Alternative Strategies Fund Media Mentions 
March 2013 Financial Fraud Law Report: Compliance: Regulators Are Focusing on…Everything Article 
February 12, 2013 Silfen Noted in the International Financial Law Review's Article on Arden's Investment Model Media Mentions 
February 4, 2013 Feiman Quoted in Barron's Article on Broker Fees Effect on Fund Performance Media Mentions 
January 21, 2013 Silfen Quoted in Financial News on Funds of Hedge Funds Seeking Capital from Retail Market Media Mentions 
December 6, 2012 FundsTalk: December 2012 Newsletter 
November 6, 2012 Frischling Quoted in Board IQ Article on Mutual Fund Directors Forum’s Release of New Proxy Voting Guidelines Media Mentions 
November 1, 2012 Silfen Quoted in Fund Directions on Possible Rule 4.5 Amendments Media Mentions 
May 4, 2012 FundsTalk: May 2012 Newsletter 
April 12, 2012 FundsTalk: April 2012 Newsletter 
March 18, 2012 Frischling Comments to Investment News on Money Market Funds Media Mentions 
January 18, 2012 FundsTalk: January 2012 Newsletter 
October 28, 2011 Feiman Comments to Barron's on New SEC Reporting Regulations for Hedge, Private-Equity and Liquidity Funds Media Mentions 
August 30, 2011 Board IQ: Two High Court Cases Change the 15(c) Process Article 
September 20, 2010 Financial Institutions Alert: Dodd-Frank: Implications for Private Fund Managers and Non-U.S. Investment Advisers Client Alert/Update 
July 12, 2010 Financial Institutions Alert: Investment Company Use of Derivatives and Leverage - Task Force Recommendations to the SEC Client Alert/Update 
March 26, 2010 Securities Litigation Alert: First Circuit En Banc Rejects 10b-5 Theory of Primary Liability for Securities Professionals Based on "Implied Statements" Client Alert/Update 
June 5, 2009 Securities Litigation Alert: Fourth Circuit Holds That Investment Adviser and Public Company Parent May Face Federal Securities Law Liability for False Statements in Mutual Fund’s Prospectus; Discusses Test for Attribution Requirement Client Alert/Update 
February 5, 2009 Financial Institutions Alert: Hedge Fund Transparency Act Client Alert/Update 
December 2008 Financial Institutions Alert: Preparing for the Unthinkable: The Collapse of Another Major Dealer and Practical Risk Mitigation Strategies To Take Now Client Alert/Update 
November 21, 2008 Financial Institutions Derivatives Alert: State of New York Insurance Department Will Not Regulate Credit Default Swaps as Insurance Client Alert/Update 
November 17, 2008 Financial Institutions Derivatives Alert: Lehman Bankruptcy – Procedures for the Settlement or Assumption and Assignment of Derivative Contracts Client Alert/Update 
November 6, 2008 Financial Institutions Derivatives Alert: Credit Default Swap Regulation Overview Client Alert/Update 
October 21, 2008 Financial Institutions Derivatives Alert: Bankruptcy of a Dealer – An Overview of Derivatives Issues Client Alert/Update 
June 16, 2008 Frischling Quoted in Investment News Article on Performance Fee Funds Media Mentions 
October 29, 2007 Funds Briefing: Autumn 2007 Newsletter 
June 19, 2007 Frischling Quoted in WSJ Article on 12b-1 Fees Media Mentions 
March 7, 2007 Funds Briefing: Spring 2007 Newsletter 
November 27, 2006 Frischling Quoted in Article on Mutual Fund Regulatory Compliance Media Mentions 
Summer 2006 Funds Briefing: Summer 2006 Newsletter 
June 23, 2006 Frischling Quoted in Article on Broker Client Entertainment Rules Media Mentions 
April 17, 2006 Pointless Battle: Legal Proceedings Grind on Over SEC's Mutual Fund Governance Rules Article 
April 7, 2006 Special Alert: Court of Appeals Sides With U.S. Chamber of Commerce Client Alert/Update 
Winter 2006 Funds Briefing: Winter 2006 Newsletter 
December 22, 2005 Frischling Quoted in American Banker Article on Compliance Guidelines Media Mentions 
Autumn 2005 Funds Briefing: Autumn 2005 Newsletter 
November 17, 2005 Frischling Quoted in Ignites Article on Compliance Exams Media Mentions 
Summer 2005 Funds Briefing: Summer 2005 Newsletter 
Spring 2005 Funds Briefing: Spring 2005 Newsletter 
May 2005 L'attribution gratuite d'actions aux salariés et dirigeants Article 
Fall 2004 Investment Company Governance Article 
Autumn 2004 Funds Briefing: Autumn 2004 Newsletter 
Summer 2004 Funds Briefing: Summer 2004 Newsletter 
Spring 2004 Funds Briefing: Spring 2004 Newsletter 
April 2004 Fund Managers Face Enforcement Actions and Regulatory Reforms Article 
Winter 2004 Funds Briefing: Winter 2004 Newsletter 
Autumn 2003 Funds Briefing: Autumn 2003 Newsletter 
Summer 2003 Funds Briefing: Summer 2003 Newsletter 
Spring 2003 Funds Briefing: Spring 2003 Newsletter 
September 20, 2002 Anti-Money Laundering Programs for Unregistered Investment Companies Client Alert/Update 
March 27, 2000 Frischling Quoted on Fund Director Compensation in Mutual Fund Market News Media Mentions 
February 7, 2000 Frischling Comments on Mutual Fund Board Suit in Investment News Media Mentions 
November 1, 1999 Frischling Quoted in Three Articles in November 1999 Fund Directions Media Mentions 

Financial Services Alert: SEC Sanctions Liquid Alt Fund Adviser for Causing Funds' Custody Rule Violations

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