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IP Prosecution and Registration

Obtaining Patents

Our Intellectual Property department will evaluate a client's invention, provide for requisite searches, prepare the patent application and prosecute the matter before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”). We also work regularly with clients to obtain foreign patents. We are experienced at evaluating inventions and recommending, when appropriate for business or technical reasons, forms of intellectual property protection other than patents, such as trade secret treatment. We also have broad experience with the various domestic and foreign laws, rules and regulations relating to the maintenance of patents.

Selecting and Administering Trademarks

Department attorneys work with clients to develop terms and logos as trademarks and/or service marks that are both valid and registerable. We work with clients to design programs to develop proprietary secondary meaning for arguably descriptive terms. We make presentations to client company management teams to sensitize them to issues such as mark or domain name selection, non-abandonment and enforcement.

Obtaining Trademark Registrations

Our lawyers assist the client in obtaining and maintaining a registered trademark, including conducting all necessary trademark clearances, preparing and filing applications, defending opposition proceedings and handling any other matters that may arise in connection with the client's trademark application. We work regularly with clients to obtain foreign trademark registrations around the world. We also bring cancellation proceedings regarding other marks that are confusingly similar to a client's mark.

Obtaining Copyrights

We work with a wide variety of clients to obtain copyright registrations. Registrations have been obtained, for example, for operating systems, applications programs and software-generated audio visual works, and for two- and three-dimensional artwork.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Department members have counseled numerous clients concerning measures to be taken and programs to be designed to protect confidential information. This has included audits of client practices and procedures and presentations to management on the topic of trade secrets. It also has involved the preparation of various types of documents designed to help protect trade secrets, such as employment, confidentiality and noncompetition agreements, and exit interview forms.