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Mentoring and Feedback

We provide an environment where each of our attorneys can flourish through a comprehensive attorney development program that is comprised of varied work assignments, formal and informal training, mentoring, and integration programs.

Continual Feedback

We recognize that feedback is an essential component of an attorney’s development and growth, and work to deliver comprehensive and constructive annual evaluations. We also provide first-year and new law clerks and lateral associates with mid-year evaluations. Additionally, the firm encourages partners and senior associates to provide more junior associates with regular, frequent feedback regarding such associates’ work product, progress, and development.

Mentoring and Associate Integration

Associates (in certain classes) participate in a firm-wide mentoring program focused on career development. Through this mentoring program, associates are paired with mentors of their choice who generally consist of partners at the firm. Departments also have formal and informal mentoring opportunities for their associates.

Additionally, we have a Lateral Associate Integration Program which helps our new judicial law clerks and lateral associates integrate at the firm as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The main features of this program include an orientation, a formal associate buddy, periodic check point meetings with the Professional Development department and support of a Lateral Associate Advisory Group.