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Media Mentions

September 11, 2017   Law360: Attys Sound the Alarm Over Advance Parole Denials   Media Mentions 
September 7, 207   What Employers Should Consider After Trump's DACA Decision   Media Mentions 
September, 5, 2017   Law360: UTC, Rockwell Collins Deal Marks Record Aerospace Tie-Up   Media Mentions 
August 23, 2017   Bloomberg Law Radio: Energy Transfer Sues Greenpeace for Eco-Terrorism   Media Mentions 
August 21, 2017   Bloomberg BNA Banking Report: Bankers Urge Top Court to Bury ‘Long Dead’ Securities Lawsuits   Media Mentions 
August 21, 2017   The Wall Street Journal: Why Lawsuits Targeting Stock Drops Are on the Rise   Media Mentions 
August 10, 2017   International Financial Law Review: PRIMER: the Volcker Rule   Media Mentions 
August 9, 2017   The Real Deal: Air Rights out of Nowhere: City Could Offer Density Bonuses in West Chelsea   Media Mentions 
August 4, 2017   Compliance Reporter: ISDA Outlines T+2 Protocol   Media Mentions 
August 3, 2017   Commercial Observer: Condition Red: How to Vet a Multimillion-Dollar Deal   Media Mentions 
August 2, 2017   Bloomberg Law Radio: Schneiderman Takes on EPA for Clean Air Delay   Media Mentions 
July 28, 2017   Law360: SIFMA Backs Banks' Cert Bid In FDIC's $140M Mortgage Suit   Media Mentions 
July 25, 2017   Interview: Financial Regulation Annual Review 2017   Media Mentions 
July 7, 2017   Law360: Gerdau Reaches $15M Deal to End Investors' Bribery Claims   Media Mentions 
June 28, 2017   Time Magazine: Were These Holocaust Survivors Forced Into a Ghetto? The Answer Will Determine Their Financial Future   Media Mentions 
June 27, 2017   Bloomberg BNA: High Court Ruling Could Burden Investors, Lawyers Say   Media Mentions 
June 26, 2017   Law360: Focus Shifts to Ties With U.S. in Latest Travel Ban Twist   Media Mentions 
June 23, 2017   La Place se dote d’un nouveau type de fonds d’investissement facile à exporter, in L'   Media Mentions 
June 19, 2017   Human Resource Executive Online: Finding Their Way   Media Mentions 
June 14, 2017   Law360: Silicon Valley Female IP Attys Call for Gender Pay Equity   Media Mentions 
June 5, 2017   Law360: McAfee's Tech Investment Biz Seeks Quick Win in $47M Suit   Media Mentions 
June 2, 2017   Le droit des émissions obligataires se rapproche du fonctionnement des crédits syndiqués, in Redbridge   Media Mentions 
May 29, 2017   La Place réclame à Bercy une blockchain efficace, in L'   Media Mentions 
May 11, 2017   Bloomberg Law Radio: Senate Rejects Repeal of Obama-Era Methane Rules   Media Mentions 
May 10, 2017   Fund Directions Intelligence: Common Ownership: Mutual Fund Industry Dukes it out with Economists Over Antitrust Theory   Media Mentions 
May 5, 2017   Law360: What NYC’s New Tax Abatement Program Means for Attorneys   Media Mentions 
May 2, 2017   Law360: Pfizer Must Face NYU Cancer Drug Royalties Row, Court Says   Media Mentions 
May 1, 2017   Bloomberg Law Radio: Bloomberg Law Brief: Executive Order on Nat’l Monuments   Media Mentions 
April 26, 2017   Jonathan Canter Featured in Commercial Observer’s “Power of Attorneys: The Lawyers Who Shape Everything in the World of Real Estate”   Media Mentions 
April 26, 2017   Computer World: FAQ: The Real Impact of Trump’s H-1B Executive Order   Media Mentions 
April 25, 2017   Business Insurance: Expected Supreme Court SEC Ruling May Help Predict D&O Losses   Media Mentions 
April 25, 2017   CNBC: Banks and Trump: 'The Rally has met Reality'   Media Mentions 
April 19, 2017   The Street: How Silicon Valley is Responding to Trump's Executive Order on H-1B Visas   Media Mentions 
April 18, 2017   Reuters: U.S. Top Court Questions SEC's Powers to Recover Ill-Gotten Profits   Media Mentions 
April 18, 2017   USA Today: H-1B Visa Holders May Get More Expensive, More Educated   Media Mentions 
April 17, 2017   Investment News: Supreme Court to Hear Financial Adviser Case Involving Disgorgement   Media Mentions 
April 14, 2017   Interview: Sandy Hook Gun Lawsuit   Media Mentions 
April 10, 2017   The Real Deal: The Dirt Gathers Rust: All Over NYC, Projects are in Limbo   Media Mentions 
April 5, 2017   The Street: New H1-B Requirements May Stymie Tech Firms' Quest for Overseas Programmers   Media Mentions 
April 4, 2017   USA Today: New H-1B Visa Measures Hit as Applications Open   Media Mentions 
April 3, 2017   The New York Times: Changes to Tech Worker Visas are Cosmetic. For Now.   Media Mentions 
March 30, 2017   Bloomberg Law Radio: Trump Cancels Climate Regulations   Media Mentions 
March 30, 2017   The Hedge Fund Law Report: New York Appellate Court Affirms Broad Rights of Parties in CDS Transactions to Pursue Their Economic Self-Interests, Despite Adverse Effect on Counterparties   Media Mentions 
March 27, 2017   The American Lawyer: Dealmakers of the Year   Media Mentions 
March 27, 2017   MSNBC: Trump Taps Goldman Sachs Adviser for SEC   Media Mentions 
March 23, 2017   Bloomberg: U.S. Tax Change Proposals are Fueling Corporate Bond Deals   Media Mentions 
March 22, 2017   Law360: Soaring Valuations Open Doors for Banking M&A Resurgence   Media Mentions 
March 17, 2017   Law360: 3 Key Takeaways From the New Travel Ban Rulings   Media Mentions 
March 17, 2017   New York Post: Private Equity Firms Should be Big Fans of Trump’s Tax Plan   Media Mentions 
March 14, 2017   Connecticut Law Tribune: Doctors Urge Court to Reinstate Sandy Hook Suit Against Gunmakers   Media Mentions 
March 14, 2017   New York Law Journal: Doctors Urge Court to Reinstate Sandy Hook Suit Against Gunmakers   Media Mentions 
March 14, 2017   Hartford Courant: Doctors Who Treated Casualties of Mass Shootings Supporting Sandy Hook Families' Case Against Gunmaker   Media Mentions 
March 9, 2017   The Deal: Atlantic Street's Lombart Buys in Canada   Media Mentions 
March 8, 2017   Crowdfunding: Is it Really Safe to Lend Money to SMEs?   Media Mentions 
March 7, 2017   CTV News Channel: Trump’s New Travel Ban   Media Mentions 
March 6, 2017   Associated Press: New Travel Ban Eases Some Legal Questions, Ignores Others   Media Mentions 
March 3, 2017   The Financial Times: Blow for US Tech Groups as Brake put on H-1B Visas   Media Mentions 
March 2, 2017   The Huffington Post: Nearly 2,000 Religious Leaders Declare Support for Transgender Teen in Supreme Court Case   Media Mentions 
March 1, 2017   Commercial Observer: Why a Softening in New York City’s Condo Market Could Spell Big Trouble for Lenders and Builders   Media Mentions 
February 21, 2017   Law360: Global M&A Set to Rise in '17, US Avoids Post-Election Slump   Media Mentions 
February 21, 2017   Les Echos: La réglementation évolue et favorise l'octroi de prêt   Media Mentions 
February 6, 2017   Interview: Les conflits d'intérêts, nouvelle frontière de la démocratie   Media Mentions 
February 6, 2017   New Jersey Law Journal: Amid Visa Uncertainty, NY and NJ Immigration Lawyers say Clients Getting Jittery   Media Mentions 
February 5, 2017 Tech Industry Braces for Trump's Visa Reform   Media Mentions 
February 3, 2017   SHRM: Suspension of Visa Interview Waivers Could Cause Business Disruptions   Media Mentions 
February 3, 2017   Reuters: Tax Reforms Threaten U.S. Bond Market   Media Mentions 
February 1, 2017   The Real Deal: Out of the Mouths of Attorneys: Kramer Levin’s Leaders on Land Use, Rezoning   Media Mentions 
January 31, 2017   Business Insurance: Supreme Court Reviews SEC Statute of Limitations   Media Mentions 
January 30, 2017   USA Today: Trump Targets Tech's H-1B Visa Hiring Tool   Media Mentions 
January 30, 2017   Huffington Post: Trump Planning Work Visa Order That Could Impact Canadians – Report   Media Mentions 
January 30, 2017   Yahoo News: US Right to Abortion Still Strong, but Under Threat   Media Mentions 
January 25, 2017   National Real Estate Investor: Why Trump Won’t Dispose of His Business Interests   Media Mentions 
January 24, 2017   New York Post: Real Estate Gurus Who Know Donald Say He’s a Good Guy   Media Mentions 
January 19, 2017   The Real Deal: Trump’s Friends in New York Real Estate Descend on DC   Media Mentions 
January 18, 2017 Tempers Fray as Dershowitz Argues Forced Sale of TransPerfect Is Unconstitutional Taking   Media Mentions 
January 17, 2017   Commercial Observer: Meet the Real Estate Industry’s In-House Lobbyists   Media Mentions 
January 12, 2017   The Hedge Fund Law Report: Best Practices for Fund Managers When Entering Into ISDAs: Negotiation Process and Tactics   Media Mentions 
January 11, 2017   L'Agefi: La Loi Sapin 2 veut moderniser le financement de l’économie   Media Mentions 
January 2, 2017   Law360: Copyright Cases to Watch in 2017   Media Mentions 
January 2, 2017   Law360: NY Real Estate Legislation and Regulation to Watch in 2017   Media Mentions 
January 2, 2017   Law360: Hospitality Legislation and Regulation to Watch in 2017   Media Mentions 
December 24, 2016   Interview: Crowdfunding as Part of France’s Effort to Relax its Banking Monopoly on Credit: Interview with Reid Feldman & Hubert de Vauplane of Kramer Levin   Media Mentions 
December 21, 2016   Law360: The Biggest New Jersey Cases of 2016   Media Mentions 
December 19, 2016   Profile: Noëlle Lenoir: avocate, politique ou porteuse d'histoire   Media Mentions 
December 16, 2016   Reuters: Hopes Rise That High-risk Lending Curbs Will Ease Under Trump   Media Mentions 
December 15, 2016   L'Agefi Hedbo: La désintermédiation bancaire franchit une étape decisive   Media Mentions 
December 13, 2016   Board IQ: Some Fear Fallout After Director-Attorney Bubble Popped   Media Mentions 
December 13, 2016   Profile: Attorney of the Week   Media Mentions 
December 13, 2016   New York Times: Big Banks Fight to Block Crisis-Era Lawsuits From Continuing   Media Mentions 
December 12, 2016   Bloomberg Law Radio: Washington State Sues Monsanto for Pollution   Media Mentions 
December 7, 2016   Corporate Counsel: Five Employment Visa Issues to Watch in a Trump Presidency   Media Mentions 
December 5, 2016   BestWeek: Watchers: Rollback of Fed Regulation Would Highlight State Effectiveness   Media Mentions 
December 5, 2016   Reuters: Trump Has Broad Power to Implement Immigration Policies: Legal Experts   Media Mentions 
December 1, 2016   New York Post: Goldman Sachs Poised for DC Comeback Thanks to Trump   Media Mentions 
November 29, 2016   L'Agefi: Les prêts directs par les fonds d'investissement se démocratisent   Media Mentions 
November 22, 2016   Law360: Trump Transition Watch: Kobach Flashes His DHS Plan   Media Mentions 
November 22, 2016   New York Law Journal: NY Has Jurisdiction Over Saudi Businessman's Suit Against Swiss Bank, Court Says   Media Mentions 
November 22, 2016   Bloomberg: Bankers Ridiculed by Trump Are Already Embracing His Future Regime   Media Mentions 
November 18, 2016   The Deal: Energy Future Noteholders Win Make-Whole Appeal   Media Mentions 
November 17, 2016   Law360: Energy Future Loses 3rd Circ. Make-Whole Fight With Lenders   Media Mentions 
November 15, 2016   The Real Deal: Friends of Ours: President Trump and the Danger of Cronyism   Media Mentions 
November 9, 2016   Law360: M&A Outlook Rocky Following Trump Victory   Media Mentions 
November 8, 2016   The Washington Post: Locked Up and In Limbo: Mother Takes Immigration, Child Custody Battle to Court   Media Mentions 
November 8, 2016   Law360: 2nd Circ. FIRREA Ruling Strays From Precedent, Justices Told   Media Mentions 
November 8, 2016   Law360: American Apparel Ordered To Make Good On Ch. 11 Payments   Media Mentions 
November 7, 2016   Kramer Levin Ranked NYC's Top Law Firm for Condo Filings by The Real Deal   Media Mentions 
November 4, 2016   Bloomberg BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal: Sup. Ct. Doesn’t Ask About Test For Conceptual Separability in Star Athletica   Media Mentions 
November 1, 2016   The Real Deal: The Theater District: Act III   Media Mentions 
October 28, 2016   Law360: Cheerleaders At The High Court: Everything You Need To Know   Media Mentions 
October 27, 2016   Law360: East Midtown Rezoning Could Benefit Landmark Landlords   Media Mentions 
October 19, 2016   New York Post: The Killer Trophy Deals Being Made Across NYC   Media Mentions 
October 18, 2016   Les fonds d'investissement touchent au but pour octroyer des prêts, in L'Agefi   Media Mentions 
October 17, 2016   The Deal Pipeline: Don't Expect Large-Cap Investment Banks to Follow Deal Volume into the Middle Market   Media Mentions 
October 14, 2016   Le Marin: Le privé veut être sûr de pouvoir s’installer dans le temps   Media Mentions 
October 14, 2016   Law360: Real Estate Giants: Central Park Tower, New York   Media Mentions 
October 13, 2016   Reuters: LPC: US Bankers Try to Boost Post-Election M&A Activity   Media Mentions 
October 7, 2016   Law360: Real Estate Giants: 111 West 57th Street, New York   Media Mentions 
September 30, 2016   Law360: Real Estate Giants: 30 Hudson Yards, New York   Media Mentions 
September 28, 2016   Samantha Ettari Participation in NYSBA Conference Noted in Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Newsletter   Media Mentions 
September 22, 2016   Bloomberg BNA: Make it a Double: Burger Chain, Movie Studio Talk Over Double W Mark   Media Mentions 
September 21, 2016   Law360: Jury Hands Finjan $15M Cybersecurity IP Win Against Sophos   Media Mentions 

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