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Media Mentions

February 20, 2015   New York Law Journal: Q&A Brendan Schulman   Media Mentions 
February 15, 2015   Reuters: Draft U.S. Rules on Commercial Drones Keep Some Limits   Media Mentions 
February 15, 2015 The FAA Just Proposed Regulations for Commercial Drones   Media Mentions 
February 15, 2015   The Wall Street Journal: FAA Proposes Rules to Allow Commercial Drone Flights in U.S.   Media Mentions 
February 15, 2015   The Washington Post: Here’s What Drone Advocates Love and Hate About the FAA’s Proposed Rules   Media Mentions 
February 15, 2015   USA Today: Drone Industry Likes FAA Plan; Amazon Left Out   Media Mentions 
February 12, 2015   The Real Deal: When It Comes to Foreign Buyers, Who's to Judge?   Media Mentions 
February 10, 2015   Law360: Innovation Act Would Revamp AIA Reviews to Shield Patents   Media Mentions 
February 6, 2015   Daily Journal: Congress Renews Patent Reform Debate   Media Mentions 
January 30, 2015   The Washington Post: The Case for Not Banning Drone Flights in the Washington Area   Media Mentions 
January 30, 2015   Reuters: U.S. Regulations Sow Confusion about 'Toy' Drones in Rules   Media Mentions 
January 29, 2015   Schulman Quoted in The Hill on Urgency for Drone Regulations   Media Mentions 
January 28, 2015 Why Keeping Drones Out of No-Fly Zone is Harder Than You Think   Media Mentions 
January 27, 2015   The Guardian: White House Drone Incident Prompts Call for Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft   Media Mentions 
January 26, 2015   Schulman Mentioned in The National Law Journal on Increase in Law Firm Drone Practices   Media Mentions 
January 21, 2015   Trachtman Pens Blog Post for Huffington Post Criticizing Media for Lending Credibility to Anti-Gay Hate Group   Diversity 
January 15, 2015   Schulman Quoted on on the FAA's Policing of Drones   Media Mentions 
January 14, 2015   Neveloff Quoted in the Commercial Observer on REBNY’s Incoming President   Media Mentions 
January 13, 2015   Klein Quoted in Law360 on Cybersecurity Legislation   Media Mentions 
December 22, 2014   Schulman Quoted in Forbes on 'Micro Drone' Rule   Media Mentions 
December 19, 2014   L'Agefi: L'Esma pointe le risque d'arbitrage réglementaire dans le crowdequity   Media Mentions 
December 9, 2014   Lipsitz Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on Virgin Group’s Trademark Policing   Media Mentions 
December 9, 2014   Schulman Quoted in CBS News on Amazon's Drone Delivery Service   Media Mentions 
November 26, 2014   Schulman Quoted in The New York Times on Civilian Drones   Media Mentions 
November 25, 2014   Schulman Quoted in The Washington Post on Commercial Drone Flight   Media Mentions 
November 20, 2014   Dunn Quoted in The National Law Journal on Immigration Reform   Media Mentions 
November 20, 2014   Dunn Quoted in Inside Counsel on Pending Immigration Reform   Media Mentions 
November 20, 2014   Ruthizer Quoted in Reuters on Immigration Reform in the United States   Media Mentions 
November 20, 2014   Koestler Quoted in Law360 on Immigration Reform in the United States   Media Mentions 
November 17, 2014   Trachtman Reviews New Book Setting Record Straight on Marriage Equality   Diversity 
November 14, 2014   Pettit Quoted in Asset-Backed Alert   Media Mentions 
November 14, 2014   Canter Quoted in China Daily   Media Mentions 
November 5, 2014   Rogoff Quoted in Law360   Media Mentions 
November 3, 2014   Gary P. Naftalis Profiled In ABA Litigation Journal   Media Mentions 
October 31, 2014   Spilko Quoted in Bloomberg News   Media Mentions 
October 22, 2014   Carruzzo Quoted in Le Nouvelliste   Media Mentions 
October 10, 2014   Portrait of Julien Martinet: Masters Guide 2014-2015, University Jean Moulin Lyon III   Media Mentions 
October 6, 2014   Trachtman Debuts as Huffington Post Blogger   Diversity 
October 3, 2014   Schulman Quoted in CNN Money   Media Mentions 
September 30, 2014   Schulman Quoted in The Hill   Media Mentions 
September 29, 2014   Encadrement du Crowdfunding: Quels changements pour les PME?, in Chef d'   Media Mentions 
September 23, 2014   Neveloff Quoted in Commercial Observer   Media Mentions 
September 18, 2014   Coffey Appears on Bloomberg TV   Media Mentions 
September 10, 2014   Oberman Quoted in Commercial Litigation Insider   Media Mentions 
September 9, 2014   Schulman Featured in The American Lawyer   Media Mentions 
September 4, 2014   Schulman Quoted in Bloomberg BNA on Use of Drones for Environmental Site Assessments   Media Mentions 
August 29, 2014   Schulman Discusses Google's Testing and Benefits of Delivery Drones with Wall Street Journal Live   Media Mentions 
August 29, 2014   Schulman Discusses Google's Testing and Future of Delivery Drones with Bloomberg News   Media Mentions 
August 1, 2014   Schulman Quoted in The New York Times on Use of Drones for Wedding Photography   Media Mentions 
July 30, 2014   Schulman Comments on FAA's Model Aircraft Notice   Media Mentions 
July 24, 2014   Spilko Profiled in Law360’s Q&A Section   Media Mentions 
July 22, 2014   Neveloff Comments to Law360 on Midtown Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Values Nearing 2007 Pre-Crash Peak   Media Mentions 
July 17, 2014   Kramer Levin Client MiniFrame Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Reinstate Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft   Firm News/Press Release 
July 9, 2014   Commercial Observer: The Negotiator – Land-use Tactician Paul Selver Helps Real Estate Bigs Build Big   Media Mentions 
June 9, 2014   Ruthizer Comments on E-3 Program’s Impact on Increase in Number of Australians in NYC   Media Mentions 
June 8, 2014   Auguste Quoted in New York Times Article on Wadleigh Scholars Program   Diversity 
June 2, 2014   Coffey Appears on Bloomberg’s “In the Loop” Discussing Insider Trading Investigation Relating to Icahn, Mickelson   Media Mentions 
May 31, 2014   Schulman Profiled in Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine   Media Mentions 
May 16, 2014   Warren Comments on EPA Plans to Review All Consent Decrees   Media Mentions 
May 8, 2014   Chin Comments on Bitcoin Regulations   Media Mentions 
May 6, 2014   Schulman Comments on Amicus Brief Filed by Major News Organizations in Support of Kramer Levin Client Raphael Pirker   Media Mentions 
May 5, 2014   Warren Comments on National Parks Service Ban on Drones   Media Mentions 
May 5, 2014   Schulman Comments on Drone Ban in Yosemite, Zion National Parks   Media Mentions 
May 1, 2014   Schulman Quoted in Columbia Journalism Review on the Use of Drones in Journalism   Media Mentions 
April 9, 2014   Neveloff Comments on The Interstate Land Sales Disclosure Act Update of 2014   Media Mentions 
April 7, 2014   Schulman Discusses Commercial Drone Practice with Businessweek   Media Mentions 
March 28, 2014   Schulman Comments to Law360 on Commercial Drone Legal Practice Group   Media Mentions 
March 17, 2014   Schulman Discusses Drone Ruling with Forbes at SXSW   Media Mentions 
March 7, 2014   Schulman Discusses Win in Landmark Commercial Drone Case with CNN, NBC News and More   Media Mentions 
March 5, 2014   Coffey Previews Supreme Court Hearing on Halliburton/”Fraud on the Market” on Bloomberg   Media Mentions 

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