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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our Unmanned Aircraft Systems practice group is a multidisciplinary team of attorneys thoroughly versed in the legal complexities of the nascent commercial drone revolution. This technology is poised to impact countless industries, and the legal challenges ahead reflect the unprecedented intersection of regulatory policy, aviation law, property rights, data privacy, administrative law, land use regulation, criminal justice, insurance and intellectual property law, among other fields. Emerging commercial drone technology promises not only great economic opportunities, but also the prospect of enhanced worker safety in hazardous conditions, humanitarian benefits in search-and-rescue and disaster missions, and environmental advantages through improved agriculture, energy and infrastructure management. Our approach is to provide sophisticated and creative problem-solving strategies in this uncharted legal territory.

Our team includes an attorney who has two decades of hands-on experience with unmanned aircraft and understands how the technology works and where it can be applied. The firm defended the first-ever federal litigation concerning the operation of a commercial drone, and our attorneys advise individuals, corporations, venture capital firms, educational institutions and robotics developers worldwide on the use of unmanned aircraft technologies in commercial, educational, public interest and scientific applications.