The Logical Next Step for a Law Clerk

If you’ve spent the past year or two as a judicial clerk, the next step in your career is a very important one. In joining Kramer Levin, you would be following in the footsteps of three-quarters of our litigation partners and a number of other partners in our corporate and bankruptcy practices — all of them former law clerks, most of whom came here directly from their clerkships.

The firm has learned over the years that good law clerks make excellent lawyers. So we welcome your application and will consider you for placement directly into a specific practice area.

An associate joining Kramer Levin directly from a one-year judicial clerkship for a judge of a federal court or the highest court of any state will receive a bonus of $50,000. An associate joining the firm directly from a two-year judicial clerkship for a judge of a federal court or the highest court of any state (or two successive one-year clerkships for judges of such courts) will receive a bonus of $70,000. An associate who has intervening employment between his or her judicial clerkship and commencement of employment with the firm is not eligible to receive any clerkship bonus.

In the past three years, more than 20 former litigation and bankruptcy law clerks have joined us as associates. Seven of our last nine litigation and bankruptcy attorneys elected to partner were once clerks as well.

We think the testimonials in our most recent Clerks' Brochure will give you a sense of why we have been so successful in attracting judicial clerks to our practice, and why they have been so successful with us.

By relating a variety of personal accounts, we hope to convey what it means to practice law at Kramer Levin, in the hopes that many of you will join us (as so many former clerks have done in the past) and continue to be excited and challenged by our profession.


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