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Derivatives and Structured Products

Kramer Levin is a leading provider of legal services to financial institutions, investment funds and other market participants seeking comprehensive advice on derivatives transactions, the often-complex facilities that attend them and regulatory matters.

We execute the full range of structured transactions, from the straightforward to the esoteric. Our deep experience in the financial industry—including long-standing relationships with all its key players—gives us a firm understanding of the business needs underlying each transaction, while our intimate knowledge of complex derivative concepts makes us unusually adept at creating bespoke swaps to effectively fill those needs.

Derivatives transactions often call for the participation of other legal disciplines, and we regularly draw on the skills and experience of the firm’s banking, capital markets, bankruptcy, tax, benefits and litigation groups, among others, to provide seamless and efficient service in a wide variety of derivatives-related matters.

Our services include: 

  • Representing clients in all types of derivatives transactions, ranging from simple interest rate, equity, foreign exchange and credit derivatives to highly-customized structured derivatives, including structured total return swap facilities and fund-linked equity swaps.
  • Negotiating swap, repo, securities lending, futures, prime brokerage, clearing and other trading facilities as well as related collateral agreements.
  • Advising derivatives clients on issues relating to distressed investments, bankruptcy proceedings, credit and succession events, and settlement questions regarding credit default swaps.
  • Advising market participants on compliance with the complex and expanding laws and regulations relating to the derivatives and futures industry, evolving trading infrastructure and litigation matters.