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Norman C. Simon


Phone: 212.715.7816 Fax: 212.715.8054 New York
Date Title Type
September 9, 2014 Law360: 2nd Circ. Ruling May Spark More Lanham Act Cases Article 
August 6, 2014 Advertising Alert: Second Circuit Clarifies Its False Advertising Jurisprudence Client Alert/Update 
July 31, 2014 New York Law Journal: Supreme Court Opinions Augur Increased Lanham Act Litigation Article 
July 29, 2014 Bloomberg BNA: Authenticating Social Media Content for Use in Summary Judgment Motions Article 
June 26, 2014 Law360: How NY Microsoft Case Could Impact SCA Warrants Article 
June 26, 2014 Advertising Alert: FDA Offers Draft Guidance Concerning the Presentation and Correction of Information on Internet/Social Media Platforms Regarding Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices Client Alert/Update 
June 24, 2014 Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Alert: Microsoft Appeals Decision Requiring It to Provide E-mail Content Stored Overseas In Response to Search Warrant Client Alert/Update 
June 12, 2014 Advertising Alert: In Second Major Lanham Act Opinion of Term, Supreme Court Confirms Plaintiffs' Ability to Challenge Food and Beverage Labeling as False or Misleading Advertising Client Alert/Update 
June 3, 2014 Practical Law: The Journal: Social Media: What Every Litigator Needs to Know Article 
March 25, 2014 Advertising Alert: Supreme Court Applies "Zone of Interests" Standing Test for Lanham Act False Advertising Claims; Decision May Portend Increased Lanham Act Litigation Client Alert/Update 
March 1, 2014 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel: Consumer Fraud Class Actions: A Status Report Article 
Spring 2014 Electronic Discovery Update: Spring 2014 Newsletter 
September 4, 2013 Electronic Discovery Alert: Judge Scheindlin Reasserts Severe Sanctions Framework for Destruction of Electronic Information Client Alert/Update 
April 17, 2013 Electronic Discovery Update: Spring 2013 Newsletter 
March 18, 2013 New York Law Journal: New Surrogate's Court Decisions Tackle Electronic Discovery Article 
March 4, 2013 Advertising Alert: Unfavorable NAD Decisions Cannot Be Used To Shift Burden of Proving False Advertising Claims To Defendant In Consumer Fraud Class Actions Client Alert/Update 
Fall 2012 Electronic Discovery Update: Fall 2012 Newsletter 
April 16, 2012 New York Law Journal: Emerging Standards on Government’s E-Discovery Obligations Article 
April 2012 Electronic Discovery Update: April 2012 Newsletter 
March 5, 2012 Electronic Discovery Alert: Federal Court Approves the Use of "Predictive Coding" Technology-Assisted Document Review Client Alert/Update 
February 28, 2012 Law360: Preserving the Fruits of E-Discovery At All Costs Article 
February 17, 2012 Electronic Discovery Alert: Court Requires Employer in Class-Action Labor Litigation to Preserve Over 2,500 Hard Drives and Defines "Key Players" to Include All Potential Plaintiffs Client Alert/Update 
February 6, 2012 Electronic Discovery Alert: New York State Appellate Division Adopts Federal Zubulake Standards for E-Discovery Preservation Obligations Client Alert/Update 
November 30, 2011 Electronic Discovery Alert: Federal Circuit Advisory Council Issues New E-Discovery Model Order for Patent Cases Client Alert/Update 
November 21, 2011 Law360: Preservation And Spoliation Standards For Patent Holders Article 
November 2011 Electronic Discovery Update: November 2011 Newsletter 
October 12, 2011 Employment Law Alert: Levion v. Société Générale: Court Rejects Former Executive's Claims Seeking Nearly $35 Million in Additional Compensation Client Alert/Update 
September 20, 2011 Kramer Levin and ACLU Defeat Motion to Dismiss in Case Involving Mississippi High School Student Excluded from Senior Yearbook Pro Bono 
September 15, 2011 Kramer Levin Win for Procter & Gamble in False Advertising Case Highlighted in Law360 Quotes/Mentions 
September 7, 2011 Advertising Alert: Pernod Ricard USA, LLC v. Bacardi USA, Inc.: The Third Circuit Adopts the Seventh Circuit's Ruling That Consumer Surveys Cannot Be Used to Alter the Plain Meaning of Clear Advertising Claims Client Alert/Update 
August 1, 2011 Electronic Discovery Alert: Preservation Duties May Extend to Unallocated Space on Computer Hard Drives: Genger v. TR Investors, LLC, et al. Client Alert/Update 
April 1, 2011 Electronic Discovery Update: April 2011 Newsletter 
March 21, 2011 New York Law Journal: At the Criminal Defense Bar: Clarifying the Government's Preservation and Production Obligations Article 
September 22, 2010 Electronic Discovery Alert: The Role of General Counsel in Electronic Document Preservation: Harkabi v. SanDisk Corporation Client Alert/Update 
September 2010 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel: Pension Committee Revisited: Eight Months Later Article 
August 2010 Electronic Discovery Newsletter: August 2010 Newsletter 
March 22, 2010 New York Law Journal: Six Years After 'Zubulake' Article 
February 1, 2010 Electronic Discovery Alert: After Six Years, Judge Shira Scheindlin Revists E-Discovery Client Alert/Update 
January 2010 Electronic Discovery Newsletter: January 2010 Newsletter 
January 2010 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel: E-Discovery Sanctions in New York Supreme Court: Einstein v. 357 LLC Article 
November 23, 2009 Electronic Discovery Alert: E-Discovery Sanctions in New York Supreme Court: Einstein v. 357 LLC Client Alert/Update 
July 24, 2009 Electronic Discovery Alert: Attorney-Client Privilege Trumps Employer's Interest In Private Emails: Revisiting Stengart v. Loving Care Agency, Inc. Client Alert/Update 
July 8, 2009 Simon Comments on Mary Kay Trademark Infringement Suit Filed Against Yahoo Quotes/Mentions 
June 2009 Electronic Discovery Newsletter: June 2009 Newsletter 
June 2009 "You've Got Mail!" Can Sending an Email Be Enough to Establish Personal Jurisdiction? Article 
May 18, 2009 Simon Comments on Latest Trademark Infringement Suit Filed Against Google Quotes/Mentions 
May 14, 2009 Simon Comments on Trademark Infringement Class-Action Filed Against Google Quotes/Mentions 
April 10, 2009 Simon Article "'Rescue' for Trademark Protection in Cyberspace" Appears in New York Law Journal Article 
March 27, 2009 Simon Quoted on Trademark Infringement Suit Filed Against Amazon Quotes/Mentions 
March 27, 2009 Simon Comments on Amazon Trademark Infringement Case Quotes/Mentions 
November 2008 Electronic Discovery Newsletter: November 2008 Newsletter 
October 27, 2008 Metadata: An Ethics Minefield Article 
October 2008 A Practical Guide to Implied False Advertising Claims Article 
May 2008 Electronic Discovery: The Great Metadata Debate Article 
April 2, 2008 One Year Later: The Impact of the Electronic Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Article 
March 31, 2008 Simon & Trachtman Noted as Counsel to Gay Man Who Challenged NY State Ban on Recognition of Valid Same-Sex Marriages Quotes/Mentions 
March 2008 Electronic Discovery Newsletter: March 2008 Newsletter 
August 16, 2007 False Advertising Law Alert: The Second Circuit Court of Appeals Clarifies False Advertising Law and Adopts the "False By Necessary Implication" Doctrine Client Alert/Update 
Fall 2006 Book Reviews: Electronic Discovery; eDiscovery & Digital Evidence Article 
June 25, 2006 Front Page New York Times Story on Brothers Kramer Highlights Firm's Pro Bono Work Quotes/Mentions 
May 8, 2006 Where There's (Not) a Will (Maybe) There's a Way Article 
February 2004 Kramer Levin Lanham Act Case Makes the “Big Suits” Section of the American Lawyer Quotes/Mentions 
May 12, 2003 What Constitutes Commercial Advertising Under the Lanham Act Article 
May 12, 2003 Defining Commercial Advertising or Promotion: Interpretations Vary as to What Types of Activities Are Actionable Under the Lanham Act Article 
April 2003 Intellectual Property & Technology Law Insights: The Supreme Court’s "Victoria’s Secret" Decision Construing the Federal Trademark Dilution Act Client Alert/Update 
May 13, 2002 New York Law Journal: Testing Key in False Advertising Cases Article 
April 16, 2000 New York Times Article Quotes Kramer Levin Brief in Boy Scout Case Quotes/Mentions 
J.D., cum laude, New York University School of Law, 1997
  • Articles Editor, Annual Survey of American Law, 1996-1997
  • Staff Editor, Annual Survey of American Law, 1995-1996
B.S./B.A., summa cum laude, Binghamton University, 1994  
New York, 1998
New Jersey, 1997
U.S. Supreme Court, 2003
U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, 2003
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, 2002
U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, 1998
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, 1998
U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, 1997
Honorable Alan B. Handler,  New Jersey Supreme Court, 1998 - 1999
    -Association of the Bar of the City of New York
    -New York Intellectual Property Law Association
    -Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation - Co-chair, Board of Directors