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IP Litigation


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Paul J. Andre   Partner   650.752.1710   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Mark Baghdassarian   Partner   212.715.9193   New York   Vcard  
Jonathan S. Caplan   Partner   212.715.9488   New York   Vcard  
Vito J. DeBari   Partner   212.715.9249   New York   Vcard  
Alan R. Friedman   Partner   212.715.9300   New York   Vcard  
James Hannah   Partner   650.752.1712   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Lisa Kobialka   Partner   650.752.1711   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Randy Lipsitz   Partner   212.715.9134   New York   Vcard  
Michael S. Oberman   Partner   212.715.9294   New York   Vcard  
Jeffrey S. Trachtman   Partner   212.715.9175   New York   Vcard  
Jonathan M. Wagner   Partner   212.715.9393   New York   Vcard  
Harold P. Weinberger   Partner   212.715.9132   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Nicholas L. Coch   Counsel   212.715.9118   New York   Vcard  
Kevin M. Moss   Counsel   212.715.9224   New York   Vcard  

Special Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Aaron Frankel   Special Counsel   212.715.7793   New York   Vcard  
Aaron S. Haleva   Special Counsel   212.715.7773   New York   Vcard  
Richard L. Moss   Special Counsel   212.715.9102   New York   Vcard  
Marjorie E. Sheldon   Special Counsel   212.715.9502   New York   Vcard  
Christine Willgoos   Special Counsel   212.715.9115   New York   Vcard  


Name Title Contact Office Vcard
Yuridia Caire   Associate   650.752.1717   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Marcus A. Colucci   Associate   212.715.9148   New York   Vcard  
Alexandra Gil   Associate   212.715.9116   New York   Vcard  
Geoffrey G. Hu   Associate   212.715.9469   New York   Vcard  
Aakash Jariwala   Associate   650.752.1728   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Kristopher B. Kastens   Associate   650.752.1715   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Hannah Lee   Associate   650.752.1714   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Michael H. Lee   Associate   650.752.1716   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Austin Manes   Associate   650.752.1718   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Matthew W. Olinzock   Associate   212.715.9292   New York   Vcard  
Shreya Ramchandani   Associate   650.752.1713   Silicon Valley   Vcard  
Benu Mehra Wells   Associate   212.715.7590   New York   Vcard  

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